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Sep 30 2017

2017 Metlife Review #metlife #disability #insurance #quote


MetLife Review

Excellent Online Quote and Buying Tools

Shopping around for the best auto insurance company usually starts with getting quotes. MetLife has made that process extremely simple with an online quote tool that is more intuitive and easier to use than most competing products. The tool takes you through interactive screens that let you select your vehicles, drivers, and coverage levels, and even search for membership or employment discounts to get the best quote up front. Once you ve designed your policy, you can easily buy it online, print insurance cards, and begin coverage right away.

Strong Policy-Management Options

Insurance policies often require periodic maintenance as life events change insurance needs. MetLife auto insurance offers diverse policy-management tools that allow customers to add new drivers, change vehicles, and modify their coverage all from a convenient online dashboard. This gives customers a high level of control over their policies and allows their insurance coverage to meet their changing needs quickly and easily. This feature could be very beneficial to a multi-driver family or anyone whose insurance needs change often.

Hassle-Free Claims Management

MetLife auto insurance has a very solid claims-management process that focuses on getting customers back on the road as quickly and painlessly as possible. With the company s Choice program, you can choose where you want to have your vehicle repaired without any restrictions or out-of-network penalties. The company also provides a network of recommended facilities within its CARE program that it has established relationships with. These CARE facilities also offer a concierge service so your rental car will be waiting for you when you arrive.

The Bad

Difficult Learning Materials

MetLife auto insurance has a suite of standard online resources, but detailed learning materials are difficult to find. The company has a very basic FAQ page in the auto insurance section, but it s focused mostly on the claims process and uninsured motorist coverage. In order to access more detailed information on insurance products, customers have to navigate to a different section of the site.

Limited Driver Discounts

Many buyers consider discount options to be one of the most critical features when comparing auto insurance companies. That could be a problem for MetLife auto insurance because there are fewer discounts offered compared to many competitors. The company does advertise some standard discounts, but it doesn t seem to offer reduced rates to members of the military (although it does offer some incentives for Navy Federal Credit Union members). It also lacks dedicated loyalty discounts. MetLife auto insurance also lags behind the competition by failing to offer accident forgiveness or access to lower rates through driver-habit monitoring

Lackluster Mobile Capabilities

Not all mobile tools are created equal and MetLife s attempt at a mobile app is evidence of that. The company does offer iPhone and Android apps with limited features, but users have given the apps very negative reviews. The apps do not allow users to get auto insurance quotes or make changes to policy details, nor can you email or print ID cards as you can with some competing products. iPad users should also note that MetLife does not offer a tablet version of the app.

The Details

Financial Strength

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