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Dec 31 2017

Average Salary with a Masters in Sports Administration – Masters in Sports Administration

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Average Salary with a Masters in Sports Administration

Sports administration is a great field for students who are sports fans but are not able to be competitive in the professional world. With a master s degree in sports administration, you can work as a sports manager, facility director, coach, or in any number of other positions related to the world of professional or collegiate sports. What can you expect to earn in this field? Let s take a look at the average salary you can expect with a master’s in sports administration.

Sports Administration Salary by Experience Level

With a master s degree in sports administration, you can expect to earn anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 annually and in some cases, like if you work in a high-profile position, you could earn even more. Salaries vary depending on the type of position you hold, as well as a number of other factors. With just a bachelor s degree, you can expect to earn much less, since the top positions in this field are usually only open to those with at least a master s degree. Entry-level positions, no matter what your experience level, typically start on the lower end of the scale, but as you work in this field, you can work your way up the ladder to more lucrative positions.

Sports Administration Salary by Job Title

Your job title plays a huge role in determining the salary you ll be offered with a master’s in sports administration. The highest paying positions are typically with major league teams, though there are also six-figure salaries available at the minor league and college levels. You can also work as an agent or manager, where you ll earn a percentage of whatever your client makes; the earning potential in this field is high, especially if you represent a number of top athletes in your sport of choice. Other positions are available in fields such as a sports broadcasting, sports marketing and advertising, and event planning. In order to make sure games run smoothly, you could also work as a sports information director. Some expected salaries in this field include:

  • Coaches and Scouts:
    • Colleges, universities, and professional schools: $39,750
    • Fitness and recreational sports centers: $28,850
    • Elementary and secondary schools: $22,670
  • Agents and Business Managers. $102,240

This degree is a great option for students with a passion for sports who are interested in making a career out of it. Your master’s degree can help cater your education toward the particular specialty you are interested in pursuing, and there are many career and salary opportunities available for professionals in this field.

Other Factors that Affect Salary

The potential salary you could earn is based on a number of factors. Your experience level and job title aren t the only things that will affect your salary. Location also plays a role, as does the type of employer if you work for a larger corporation in an urban environment, you can typically make more money. Keep in mind that salary is not the only thing that matters you should also compare benefits packages and other perks when job hunting.

Even with an advanced degree, expect to need valuable experience in the field before being able to land a higher-level job. You may have to work at the college level or in minor league and local sports before being qualified for working with higher level teams or athletes. Employers want to see that you not only have the knowledge and education about the field, but that you also have professional work experience where you’ve had hands-on training that better qualifies you for the position. With time and experience, you can expect to move up the ladder into top positions that bring in higher salaries.

Top Online Master of Sports & Athletic Admin Degrees

Sports administrators include athletic directors, sports managers, sports information department personnel, and much more. Earning a masters degree in sports administration from a top-notch university will open doors to several new career opportunities. Each of the following schools offers at least one master’s degree program in sports administration or a closely related subject.

MS in Athletic Admin

Ohio University — An MS in Athletic Administration from Ohio University prepare students to become athletic directors. This program will help you excel in your professional aspirations assisting in promotions and other career opportunities. You will cover various topics designed to help you meet the demands of successful athletic programs like developing Olympic or professional level athletes.

MS in Sports Management

Liberty University — The MS in sports management from Liberty University prepares its students for careers as sports administrators and managers at a variety of levels, including elementary school, high school, collegiate, and professional athletics. Integrated in the school’s faith and ministry, this program is also well rounded in legal issues, economics, and marketing, as they pertain to sports management.

MS in Sports Mgmt

Southern New Hampshire University — Students in the Southern New Hampshire University Sports Management MS program rave about their courses that explore both the core of an MS program plus the insight of sports marketing, leveraging sponsorship opportunities, and crafting a brand. Southern New Hampshire University reports that no GMAT or GRE is required.

M.Ed. in Athletic Admin

Northcentral University — If you are interested in becoming a professional educator for athletic administrations at the kindergarten through 12th grade level, the M.Ed. in athletic administration from Nortcentral University will provide you the skills and education necessary for this field. Graduates are found through both secondary and college programs.

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