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Nov 30 2017

Cheapest cars to insure 2016 #cheapest #online #car #insurance


Cheapest cars to insure 2016/2017

Looking to cut your car insurance costs? The best way is to look into one of these – the cheapest cars to insure in the UK

Car running costs don’t stop at buying and fuelling it. One of the biggest costs that drivers particularly face, especially young people, is insurance. Finding the cheapest car to insure can really help keep your bills down.

Insurance costs are based on a number of factors. As any 17-year-old trying to insure their first car will know, it’s not necessarily about the value of the vehicle – though this does change the cost, it’s not uncommon for one years premiums to exceed the value of the car.

The easiest way to figure out which cars will be the cheapest to insure is to look at the group rating. The lower the number, the better – insurance groups start at 1 and go all the way up to 50. Ever car in this list is rated group 1 or 2.

It’s not just about picking a car and going back to your usual insurer, though – shop around before you buy a new car and see which is cheapest for you. For some people one of these cars might be cheaper than another, and it could be different for someone else – the only thing we can be sure of is that cars with a low insurance group number will generally be cheaper than those without.

Comparison websites are useful for getting quotes, but do remember that some companies do not advertise on these sites – and you may get a better deal by phoning them, even after getting an online quote.

Check out our list of the best first cars to see our favourites for young drivers, but if insurance cost is your biggest hurdle to car ownership then make sure you check out the list below. It doubles as a list of solid, affordable first-car choices as well.

Cheapest cars to insure 2016

Click the tabs on the top left of this page or the links below for full details on the cheapest cars to insure in the UK at the moment.

All of the models listed in alphabetical order above fall into insurance groups 1 or 2 but if none of them appeal, just keep reading.

Cheapest cars to insure continued…

Below is our list of the cars with low insurance costs that didn’t quite make it into our main run-down of insurance group 1 and 2 cars. These cars have models in their range that fall into insurance group 3 or 4, but will still help keep your insurance premiums in check.

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