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Sep 30 2017

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About GSP

GSP is a Nadcap merit-accredited/ITAR registered metal finisher specializing

in complex, multi-process masking, anodizing, chromate conversion,

electropolish, passivation, and prime/bond prime/topcoat paint

and film lube finishing services. We work with many

aerospace and medical device manufacturers to put

specialty finishes on aluminum, steel, and titanium.

Welcome To Gardena Specialized Processing

Gardena Specialized Processing is a Nadcap merit-accredited electro-chemical metal finisher serving the aerospace, defense, medical device, industrial and architectural communities.

Located just 12 miles south of downtown Los Angeles, we offer easy accessibility via the 110, 91 and 405 freeways.

We take pride in our rapid turnaround and high quality/service level – even for jobs requiring multi-processes and complex masking. Check out a short presentation of our work capabilities. Download our LINE CARD . submit an RFQ . or just give us a call. We look forward to helping you with your requirements!

Recent Company News

Silkscreen Marking

2016 – GSP completed its first successful silkscreen markings on Raytheon parts.

Bridge Crane Installation

2016 – GSP installed a 1 ton bridgecrane that covers the entire aluminum processing facility. The crane enables improved speed and part number throughput, both of which contribute to lowered pricing per piece. This enables GSP to process parts weighing up to 2000 lbs.

Boric-Sulfuric Anodize Capability

2016 – GSP added the Type IC (boric-sulfuric) anodize to its processing capability. This anodize is particularly useful as a base for primers, bond primers, and paints.

Nadcap Accreditation

In late 2015. GSP completed its 4th Nadcap audit and was awarded merit-accreditation for Chemical Processing. NDT (Liquid Penetrant). and the AC7004 Quality System. Certificates can be accessed by clicking on the links. Scopes are on the PRI website.

Sikorsky Global Helicopter Approvals – Sikorsky Helicopter granted GSP approvals for anodize, prime/paint/bond prime, passivate, electropolish, fluorocarbon impregnation and Solid Film Lube in June 2014.

Additional MD Helicopter Approvals – MD Helicopters granted GSP approvals for titanium anodize, fluorocarbon impregnation and Solid Film Lube in March of 2014.

ISO 9001/2008 Compliance – In view of its Nadcap accreditation for the AC7004 Quality System with PRI, GSP let its ISO 9001/2008 accreditation lapse. GSP will, however, remain compliant with the ISO 9001/2008 requirements.

MOOG Process Acceptance

In May 2011 GSP successfully completed a no deficiencies annual audit for all processes. In June 2014, GSP s added prime/bond prime/paint to the approved processes. MOOG supplier certification list can be accessed here.

2219 / 2011 Alloy Type III Anodize Capability

In October 2010, using Anodic Tech Services Type III processes and additives, GSP successfully completed its first anodizing of aluminum alloys 2219 and 2011, alloys commonly used in high-temperature / high-strength jet engine applications.

In September 2010 GSP successfully completed its Lockheed Martin audit for all processes. GSP s LMCO supplier code is QQQA50 and our certification list can be accessed here.

In September 2010 GSP successfully completed its United Launch Alliance audit for the anodize, passivate, and chemical film processes.

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