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Jul 4 2018

Internet Auto Leads – Car Sales Leads, Real Leads by BlueSky Marketing, sales leads.#Sales #leads


100% Auto Lead Quality.

You demand it. We guarantee it.

At BlueSky Marketing, we pride ourselves on delivering unmatched standards of auto lead quality. Our commitment to providing only 100% Real Leads has earned us acclaim throughout the industry, including three consecutive Dealers Choice Awards.

Exclusive auto leads generated from high-converting web properties premier industry partnerships

BlueSky’s special finance auto leads and new car sales leads are generated from major search engine traffic, SEO, pay-per-click, affiliate, traditional advertising and trusted partners. Real Leads are delivered real-time to the CRM system of your choice, or to BlueSky’s SmartDealer System featuring One-Click Integration to 400+ Lenders on DealerTrack .

Sales leads

Real Leads technology delivers more of the automotive leads you want – and bounces the ones you don’t.

BlueSky employs proprietary Multipoint Lead Validation Technology™ to insure unparalleled lead quality, while targeting leads with a greater likelihood of converting to a sale. Any lead that fails a point of the validation process is automatically quarantined and replaced with a valid lead – so you can spend more time talking to real customers and less time digging through junk.

Sales leads

The final step of the lead validation process is you! If a bad lead ever makes it through, you can return it to us in one click. Every Real Lead is backed by BlueSky’s comprehensive Lead Quality Guarantee.

AVA brings key efficiencies to your workflow, boosting your productivity, closing ratio C.S.I.

AVA is a robot. But she is never to be confused with an auto-responder program. Only AVA utilizes military-grade artificial intelligence technology to carry on a two-way conversation with all your internet prospects – then hands them off to you.

Sales leadsAVA Technology works alongside your sales-staff or BDC, contacting and verifying the purchase intent of all of your leads, bubbling up the hot prospects, scheduling phone appointments and gathering key sales insights from your customers – all without any human intervention.

AVA even mines all of your unsold prospects for up to 6 months, generating incremental sales from the 60% of buyers that remain in the market after 180 days of first contact. Learn more about AVA.

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