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Sep 7 2018

IT Trouble Ticketing System

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Trouble Ticket Software

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus puts you in total control of your IT support function. As one of the most comprehensive and robust variations of trouble ticket software, ServiceDesk Plus offers you full control over your trouble tickets. From the moment they are created to the moment they are resolved, you can monitor trouble tickets effectively and improve the IT services you provide.

Key Features

Self – Service Portal

If you are looking for trouble ticket software that enables users to log their own tickets and reduces your help desk’s call volumes, ServiceDesk Plus is a sensible choice. Through the web-based self-service portal, users can create, view and monitor tickets through to resolution. Technical teams can also keep users informed of planned and unplanned outages using the service-portal’s announcement function. Learn more..

IT Knowledge Base

A well planned knowledge base can really help your users and your technical staff to resolve issues quickly. A good trouble ticket software solution will pull out all the stops when it comes to quicker resolution times and ServiceDesk Plus is no exception. Learn more..

Email Request

ServiceDesk Plus vastly reduces the amount of time you have to spend responding to support request emails. When an email is sent to your help desk mailbox, it is automatically converted into an incident. This could save your help desk team hours in administration time. Learn more..

Multi-Site Support

If you need to provide 24/7 support for your organisation across multiple sites, this can become quite a chore. But with ServiceDesk Plus trouble ticket software, you can manage all requests and assets across your sites regardless of where they are based. Learn more..

SLA Management

SLAs help you to provide a better service to your customers and ensure you hit your targets when it comes to support resolution times. ServiceDesk Plus allows you to define your own SLAs and will notify you of any SLA violations. Learn more..

API Integration

IEffortlessly integrate your trouble ticket software with any third party software with API integration. ServiceDesk Plus allows you to manage events and requests created in other areas. Learn more..

Business Rules

Business Rules are a very important part of your trouble ticket software. When set up they can automatically assign support requests to the most relevant technician or team based on category, level or priority. Think about how much time this could save your help desk staff. Learn more..

Notification Rules

Notification Rules are a great way of giving your users reassurance that their call is being handled. When set up, Notification Rules will send out an automatic confirmation when users raise a support request. A notification can also be sent when a ticket is assigned to an individual or team or when an SLA has been violated. Learn more..


Reports are one of the most important features of your trouble ticket software system. Use reports to check on help desk loan, technician resolution status and to check on SLA violations. You can also use trend analysis reports to look into service failures and other outages. Learn more..

User Survey

Find out what your users think of your service and gain valuable insight with the user survey function included in ServiceDesk Plus. This type of feedback can really help you to improve the levels of service you provide..

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