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Sep 7 2018

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No matter which one you choose be sure to include a cover letter for the application form. Job Application can help you do all this. Start by choosing and printing or downloading the job application that best suites your needs. Fill it out and print it or email it to the prospective employer. Giving the employment form in person is the top choice.

First impressions are important. Your appearance is important, even when submitting an application. Every time you make contact with an employer, dress as though you are ready to go to work. The employer may have a job that needs to be filled and want to interview you immediately. Remember to bring everything with you that you will need when filling out applications. It does not create a business-like impression when a job seeker needs to borrow the employer’s pens or telephone books to complete an application. Be organized. Bring the following items with you when you think you might be completing applications:

• Ball point pens (black or blue ink)

• Copies of your resume

Common mistakes that job seekers make on applications are:

1. Not following directions

2. Misspelled words

3. Crossed out writing

5. Wrinkled or messy application form

6. Incomplete information or unanswered questions

7. Not applying for a specific position

8. Incomplete work history, or large unexplained gaps in work history

9. Overlapping or conflicting employment dates with no explanation

10. Application not turned in by the deadline

11. Use of troublesome words, such as “quit” or “fired”

12. Forgetting to sign the application

When you turn in your job application form, try to personally hand it to the manager on duty. He or she may have a few preliminary questions for you, so be prepared to tell the employer why you want the job. Write down the name of the manager on duty or ask who will be making the decision to interview candidates so you can follow up.

A brief CNA job description is provided here to help understand what CNAs do. CNAs are nursing assistants who have taken required training and have passed a competency exam. These certified nurse assistants are valuable members of the health care team. They provide patient care and perform various care-giving tasks under the supervision of a nurse or doctor.

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