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Jul 10 2017

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Full Curriculum

Pragmatic Marketing’s complete set of courses helps you build and market products people want to buy. The entire curriculum is based around the Pragmatic Marketing Framework. the proven, actionable blueprint that companies have built their success on for more than 20 years.

All of our courses provide real-world insights, actionable best practices and proven tools to maximize results. We give you the freedom to build your own curriculum, selecting the courses that matter most today, with the ability to expand your training and your skill set overtime.

Scroll over the course names below, or watch this video. to determine which courses are right for you


Who should take this course? Anyone who makes decisions about what products to build or how to take those products to market.

Foundations teaches you how to:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of your market
  • Find and prioritize opportunities that minimize risk and optimize results
  • Balance strategic and tactical tasks for greater impact
  • Get your entire team on the same page with the Pragmatic Marketing Framework

Key deliverables covered: positioning and gap analysis

Foundations is a prerequisite for every other
Pragmatic Marketing course and a primer for all
product professionals.


Who should take this course? Anyone responsible for product direction and strategy.

Focus teaches you how to:

  • Find opportunities with the biggest impact, urgency and potential
  • Build credibility by showing that a sizeable market values the product
  • Articulate how individual opportunities fit with the company’s strategy

Key deliverables covered: business plans and roadmaps


Who should take this course? Anyone responsible for writing, prioritizing and working with requirements

Build teaches you how to:

  • Improve the handoff between departments, focusing the product team
    on what needs to be built and development on how to build it
  • Rank requirements objectively using market data, to minimize infighting
    and maximize impact
  • Work together more effectively, regardless of locations or methodologies

Key deliverables covered: prioritized project lists
and requirements


Who should take this course? Anyone responsible for setting go-to-market strategies

Market teaches you how to:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of your buyers and how they like to buy
  • Earn approval and funding for your marketing plan
  • Measure marketing plans against the metrics that matter most to your company

Key deliverables covered: buyer profiles and marketing plans


Who should take this course? Anyone with product launch or sales enablement responsibilities

Launch teaches you how to:

  • Apply buyer expertise to create marketing programs that get results
  • Identify key launch strategies and prepare your entire organization
  • Deliver sales tools and training that reduce friction and increase close rates

Key deliverables covered: organizational readiness
and sales enablement


Who should take this course? Anyone who makes or influences product pricing decisions

Price teaches you how to:

  • Determine what your market is willing to pay
  • Develop pricing models that support corporate strategies
  • Use segmentation and portfolios to optimize revenue
  • Empower sales to win with your price

Key deliverables covered: pricing structure and plan

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