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Nov 30 2017

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Supply Chain Management

Junior and senior Supply Chain Management majors who live in CT, NH, MA, ME, or VT are eligible for discounted tuition rates!
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Supply Chain Management (SCM) is one of the most important jobs in industry. Competition in the 21st century is characterized as competition between supply chains rather than competition between individual companies.The URI supply chain management major focuses on the strategic planning, design, operations, transportation, logistics, and improvement of all activities involved in the procurement, manufacture, and delivery of goods and services.

URI s major, recognized as one of the country s top SCM programs. is designed to prepare you with interdisciplinary skills for linking major business processes. The career opportunities in this area are enormous and continue to grow as over 50 percent of current supply chain professionals are expected to retire within the next decade.


  • BUS 355 Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • BUS 359 Management Systems Analysis
  • BUS 360 Introduction to Logistics
  • BUS 361 International Transportation
  • BUS 460 Global Supply Chain Management
  • BUS 462 Supply Chain Network Modeling
  • BUS 463 Distribution Warehousing Management
  • BUS 464 Supplier Relationship Management
  • BUS 467 Customer Relationship Management

Download the Supply Chain Management Curriculum Worksheet (PDF) for your catalog year:


Meet the Marketing/Supply Chain Management Faculty and learn more about their particular areas of specialization and research.


On completion of the SCM major, students earn the prestigious professional certification of Certified Transportation Logistics (CTL) professional awarded by the American Society of Transportation and Logistics (AST L), the premier supply chain professional organization.


Careers in SCM include business analyst, purchasing and procurement, scheduling, inventory management, customer service, project management, operations, sales and marketing, transportation and logistics, and distribution center and warehousing management.

The SCM major works with an industry advisory committee of top supply chain professionals from the New England region. Students interact with these professionals and receive multiple internship opportunities, job opportunities and referrals, scholarships, and funded trips to national conferences.

Graduate Study

The College of Business offers graduate study in supply chain management at both the Master s and Ph.D. levels. Through the Evening MBA program, students may elect to concentrate in supply chain management, and the Ph.D program offers an operations and supply chain management specialization.


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