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Aug 23 2017

How to Create a Control Chart (with Sample Control Charts) #pareto #chart #xls

# How to Create a Control Chart Control charts are an efficient way of analyzing performance data to evaluate a process. Control charts have many uses; they can be used in manufacturing to test if machinery are producing products within specifications. Also, they have many simple applications such as professors using them to evaluate tests scores. To create a control chart, it is helpful to have Excel; it will simplify your life. Steps Edit Check to see that your data meets the following criteria: Data should usually be normally distributed revolving around a mean (average). In the example below, a …

Aug 14 2017

Pareto Analysis (the 80: 20 rule) #pareto #chart #xls, #managers-net #management #pareto #analysis #(the #80:20

# Managers-Net Pareto Analysis (the 80:20 rule) The Pareto effect. In practically every industrial country a small proportion of all the factories employ a disproportionate number of factory operatives. In some countries 15 percent of the firms employ 70 percent of the people. This same state of affairs is repeated time after time. In retailing for example, one usually finds that up to 80 percent of the turnover is accounted for by 20 percent of the lines. This effect, known as the 80. 20 rule, can be observed in action so often that it seems to be almost a universal …